Clear Topcoats and Primers

  • General Finishes 11
  • 13oz Bottle 1
  • Gallon 9
  • 5-Gallon Pail 5
  • Quart 1
  • 5 Gallon 2
  • Flat 5
  • Satin 5
  • Semi Gloss 5
  • Gloss 5

High Performance General Finishes Top Coat

Top coats are the final coats for use over primers. They are formulated to provide good adherence to the undercoat, the desired appearance to the painted unit, additional protection from the weather and aid in other performance requirements.

Generally sprayed on top of a colored basecoat, a clear coat is a transparent coating that forms the final interface with the environment. Water Based General Finishes Top Coats are a finishing favorite. Formulated to be tough and consumer-friendly, these wood finishes are continuing to earn high marks in the wood finishing world.

Gel Topcoat Satin has been a long-time favorite finish of woodworkers, with a heavy-duty oil-and urethane base that produces a superb, hand-rubbed look. Gel Topcoat Satin has a thick consistency, so there are no drips, or runs.

Apply the General Finishes Top Coat liberally so you have an even, wet film. If required, come back and feather it out with a second brush. Don’t worry if you see bubbles, they will dissipate as the product dries. Call us at 1-866-289-3263 to know more about top quality General Finishes Top Coat.